Hey there, I’m Eggo!

Meet Eggo, a chubby, squishy, happy go lucky, loud and noisy kid.

Eggo is creative and has a lot of ideas!


Eggo is sometimes lazy. But also a perfectionist.┬áSo, it’s always torn in between wanting the best of the works, and wanting to relax. So, hard work makes Eggo immensely happy and satisfied!


Anddd, when Eggo works hard and actually executes all its ideas and plans, the reward is very overwhelming!


As you know, Eggo is sometimes very lepak and procrastinates its time away.


But then.. there are also a lot of assignments the Eggo has to complete!


Sooo, Eggo has the tendency to freak out and panic, when its not able to complete its assignments on time, instead of peacefully working on them!


Whenever Eggo is feeling low about something…


It treats itself to all its favourite foods, because well..


That’s what makes it happy the most, Eggo is an absolute foodie, LOVES to experiment and try out new things, and it actually makes it happy!



Eggo is planning to go back to its home country, in the holidays, and it is super eager and excited!


So, its counting down days until the 19th of November when it is flying back after the semester.


Finally the day has arrived, andddd Eggo is extremely happy and relieved to be back home after a few overwhelming wonderful months in Singapore!


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