Project 1A: Viewpoints

Hello, here are a few images from my first project in the 4D class, in which we experimented with the concepts of adding, subtracting, superimposing and substituting!

My main motive was to learn as much as I can, which I actually did, both, while preparing my own project,  as well as from my wonderful classmates!

Since I was totally in the experiment mode, my project doesn’t really have a theme, but as the title rightly says, it’s my Viewpoint towards a lot of issues, which people are witnessing globally!

Here goes..

ADDITION : Focusing on the idea of Freedom, in appreciation of USA’s bold move to legalize Same-sex marriage.Addition

SUBTRACTION: Throwing light on Cancer Awareness.Subtraction

SUBSTITUTION: Purely meant for humour, meaning no offense to anyone, may the best side win!Substitution

SUPERIMPOSITION: Highlighting the dreadful future, rapid deforestation can leave us with!Superimposition

Thank you! laughing

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