Project 1B- In a world…


As a part of our assignment we were asked to design three characters  using Addition, Subtraction, Substitution and Superimposition!  And create a film synopsis and a movie poster using the same!


MAX, THE TIGER WARRIOR–                                                                         Inspired by the cats in hall 1. Cats are generally known to dislike and fight lizards.


MYRA, THE WARRIOR PRINCESS-                                                                           Inspired by Disney princesses, from my last project. It is also to show the stronger side of the “Princesses”.


DROGON, THE EVIL VILLIAN-                                                                                     Inspired by the lizards in hall 1! Leader of the troops invading a very peaceful planet One.


The synopsis for my film goes like…


The movie poster for the same –



WHAT INSPIRED ME… It can be said that I was really inspired to vent out my frustration towards the number of insects in my hall through this assignment!

MORAL.. It throws light on our negligence towards the environment, while we have cut down the trees and forests, and built our homes in it’s place, the original inhabits still continue to live here, and they are whom we term as “pests”!

INTENDED AUDIENCE.. My work is generally intended towards teaching moral values to children! But this particular project may also be classified into the “comedy” genre by my fellow NTU students, who are aware of the menace of lizards in the halls hahahaha!!!!

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