Que Sera Sera – Research

It was very difficult to narrow down on 4 jobs for this project, because as a child, I had a number of dreams and fantasies about what I would want to be when I grew up. Most of the professions I chose were inspired from the TV shows or movie I watch or from personal experiences.

Furniture Designer: In 2014 during my summer break I had joined a crash course in design, during which, I was introduced to a number of jobs related to designs. One of them was Furniture design. We were taught to work with wood and create furniture skeletons. That is what inspired me to create this design for this project. I formed my name out of furniture skeleton like looking fonts. b5a7d68344017-560bb8ef917a4wwc

Photographer: For my design as a photographer, I decided to experiment with light. I tried my luck at light painting. I got inspired by Pablo Picasso’s work with light graffitis.

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Later after learning the techniques, and adjusting the settings on my camera and then phone, I tried it out myself.

img_20170209_215948 img_20170209_220056 img_20170209_220146 img_20170209_220247 img_20170209_220321 img_20170209_220412 img_20170209_220458 img_20170209_220601 img_20170209_220741 img_20170209_221110

I had to do it a number of times to get it right!

Settings: Dark room, ISO: 100 or 200 depending on your source of light, Shutter speed: 30

Later I added the viewfinder as the background to make it look obviously like a photographer’s.

Forester: Being a huge fan of the American sitcom, parks and recreation it immediately popped onto my mine to choose this as one of the jobs for my project. A forester is basically a person who looks after the trees in the forest. And being an introvert, I thought it would resonate well with my personality. d1 d2 d3 d4 d5

After viewing a number of ideas online, I finalized on two designs for this. The one which didn’t end up being my final included a number of elements put together and forming an image, from which basically the viewer would have to decipher the alphabets. The alphabets were hidden in images.


The one which I chose to be my final design, was quite different from this one. IT was much more obvious, and needed less effort to decipher.

I chose a font that actually looked like branches of trees, and decided to edit it to make it look like a forest. cvc grass-13v66796906dab vbcbcvb

Journalist: My final job for this project was that of a journalist. I decided to make the idea look very simple, and neat, and because of that I decided not to work with newspapers literally. Instead, I printed out a newspaper cutting, and write my name using the traditional Gothic font. cfvvvvvvvvvvvvv

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