Strings.. and strings!

Our second project in 3D was to make  abstract String sculptures.

Browsing through Pinterest while looking for inspiration is never a bad idea hahah!! Here are a few patterns that I really loved!





So we started making our study models on Vanguard sheets, that was very crucial for my final outcome, in the sense that I realized I needed something really stable, because the sheet wasn’t thick enough.





I decided to make my final model on black cardboard, because I felt that it was just as flexible as I wanted it to be. As I charted out my final design on the cardboard, I realized that I had to use strings in exactly seven directions, so I decided to use the colours of the VIBGYOR!

img_20161006_165327 img_20161006_165355



I took inspiration for my design from the Deepavali lanterns, I cut them into half and realized that it looked like flowers. Later, when the design was complete, one of my classmates pointed  out to me that it looked like the Supertree Groves at Gardens by the Bay! embarassed I really enjoyed doing this project and learnt a lot out of it!

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