The Library – Final

Among the ideas I had for the installations in the library, I thought that the Positivity board worked the best. So I proposed my idea to the library:

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
Without the ability to actualize our ideas, art wouldn’t exist. My project called “Have a nice day! is a happiness board, attached with envelopes filled with anonymous motivational/positive letters, one for all the passing students to collect. The only condition is that whoever takes one, should write something nice and positive, to brighten someone else’s day, and keep the cycle going.
Its main aim is to motivate and to induce positive emotions in students, as they enter the library to work. It thrives on the concept of ‘the cycle of being nice.’ It will get the audience to interact with each other, through the medium of letters.
My installation will be about 3 feet long and 1 feet wide. And about as tall as an average human eye level. And the proposed location is right outside the library, as marked in the photo attached, for students to pick up a letter right before they enter the library to begin their day’s work. The board will stand on a DIY stand, and there will be stationary for students to use. I assure you that the installation will not cause any obstruction to the entrance, projector, lift, or staircase. 
….and got it approved.

I started working on the projects by making the envelops, and writing messages.
When I finally started constructing the stand, I realized that the base was not strong enough for the board, and that it needed much more support.
I put up the installation on the 16th of April with a message for the passers by and stationary for them to write messages.
It’s been 3 days since the installation was put up now, and the response has been overwhelming. Over 50 people have participated so far and I am going to continue to keep track of it until the weekend.
The installation received a number of different types of messages including confessions, birthday wishes, anonymous messages directed at specific people, and I am very delighted to see that.
Overall, this was one of the most meaningful and heartfelt projects I’ve worked on so far, and I’m glad that it was well received by the audience, and they enthusiastically participated. Wish I could let the board stay there for longer.

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