Zines – Development of Idea

Before my first consultation with Prof Mimi, I had a very rough idea as to how I am going to present my chosen topic, in the form of a zine.

I initially thought that I would convert my zine into something similar to one of my favorite book series, ‘Humans of New York’, only that in my case it would be animals instead.I really loved their layout structure when I saw their book. I was absolutely minimal, yet chic. 

But soon I came to terms with the fact that I needed something more concrete as a plan. So for inspiration, I looked out for magazine genres relevant to my topic.


I narrowed down on three genres that my Zine would come under. Photography since I wanted photos to be the main element of my zine since day 1. Illustrations are not my cup of tea. I thought of wild-life from my experiences in Yishun. The place looked rich in flora and fauna and it was really unique.

Art, on the other hand, none of my experiences inspired me to do it. But I read about the  various instances of animal abuse, and a few recent articles about cats being murdered, and it really struck me. Instead of going for a news based theme, and a harsh tone, I decided to convey my message in the direct opposite manner, through the medium of art.

I am really inspired by artists Amanda Coffelt and Amber Wheeler, and their way of amalgamating ordinary photos with simple drawings that convey the message.   More about my message and layout in the next post! Thank you!

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