Dialogue in the Dark

Overall, it was a very eye-opening experience.

Honestly truth be told I couldn’t even open my eyes all the way as it was just so pitch black that my eyes just involuntarily shut themselves.

I had never been to DID before and as such was totally not prepared!! When told it was gonna be dark, I didn’t know it was going to be THAT dark, as in SO dark that my white shirt wasn’t even visible.

And I dislike darkness!!!! So… hahaha

I tried to keep an open mind throughout but it was very difficult. And being in the dark coupled with claustrophobia it was quite…. interesting. I didn’t feel like the space was very large, in fact I felt that the space was so enclosed throughout. And I couldn’t really let go of the person in front of me! Whoops.

It was truly quite an eye opening experience, we got to experience just a little bit of what the visually impaired do on a daily basis. The thing is that we were already so stressed out about being unable to see, and we don’t even have impatient people around us making things a million times worse.

It was definitely an experience, and definitely valuable and one where I learnt a lot!


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