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So we started class doing basically the best thing anyone can ever do to start a class: by having chocolates!!!!!

And I love chocolates!!!!!!

Before I dive into the specifics, I just wanna put it out there that I don’t really fancy dark chocolates. Sooooo, my results will definitely be skewed to my preferences!!

And without further ado… let’s begin!

We were tasked to eat three different chocolates and I shall label them as such: A, B and C by order in which they were eaten.

CHOCOLATE A chocolates-01 chocolates-02 choc-07

For chocolate A, it smelt like dark chocolate and my brains were already sending the ringing alarm bells signal. It also felt very powdery on hand! After tasting it, it definitely was dark chocolate alright…. But with an added twist! Chilli! Halfway through tasting, a fiery taste started bleeding into my tongue. The aftertaste was spicy and wasn’t for very long.

Over time there was a bitter taste followed by a fiery spicy taste.



chocolates-03 chocolates-05choc-08

For chocolate B, it felt super smooth! It had little ridges on it. Also, the wrapping made the chocolate appear very ‘atas’. It smelt like cocoa but smelt significantly less bitter than chocolate A! It tasted like dark chocolate but it was quite enjoyable! It tasted very rich, buttery and smooth. And as the chocolate melts in your mouth the buttery taste gets stronger! This chocolate’s aftertaste is the longest and the aftertaste is one of butteriness and sweetness. The initial bitter taste turns into a sweet-bitter combo. Lovely!

Over time there was a buttery taste, then bitter, then a little more bitter, then sweet and tasty!!




For chocolate C, it was shaped like ruffles! After taking it out from the bag, I kinda still had no clue what it was LOL so I proceeded to inspect it on my hand. One side was very smooth, the other felt course and grainy! Upon tasting it, one side was very cold while the other was quite warm! There also was an acoustical change- this is the only chocolate that had a crunch when bitten into! The differing textures made this really enjoyable!! This just tastes really nice, it’s the combination of two of my fav snacks- chocolate and potato chips!!! The aftertaste is not very long (shortest out of the three chocolates) and it tasted like how a potato chip’s aftertaste would.

This is the only chocolate that reminded me of memories- I got reminded of late night movie binges!

Over time there was a salty taste, then sweet then salty again.

VERDICT: CHOCOLATE CHIP (but like not the standard gross ones)
My fav one out of all three!!!!!

All in all, this was a very interesting exercise!!!


interesting taste facts


The moment you bite into a slice of pie, your mouth seems full of flavor. But most of that taste sensation is happening in your brain. More accurately, cranial nerves and taste bud receptors in your mouth send molecules of your food to olfactory nerve endings in the roof of your nose. The molecules bind to these nerve endings, which then signal the olfactory bulb to send smell messages directly to two important cranial nerves, the facial nerve and the glossopharyngeal nerve, which communicate with a part of the brain known as the gustatory cortex.

As taste and nerve messages move further through the brain, they join up with smell messages to give the sensation of flavor, which feels as if it comes from the mouth.


Your urge for more hot fudge may have little to do with a lack of self-control; scientists believe that our yearning for sweets is a biological preference that may have been designed to ensure our survival. The liking for sweet tastes in our ancient evolution may have ensured the acceptance of sweet-tasting foods, such as vitamin-rich fruits. Moreover, recent research suggests that we crave sweets for their pain-reducing properties. 


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  1. A most enjoyable read Nasya!! You have a knack/ gift for finding the most appropriate images to go with your research! 😉 Btw loved the previous “pharoahmone” pun!!! Lol

    Excellent chocolate experience journey mapping!! Yeah! 🙂

  2. A most enjoyable read Nasya!!! You have a knack/ gift for selecting the most appropriate images to go with your research. 😉 Btw loved the previous “Pharoahmone” pun! Lol

    Fantastic Chocolate Experience Journey maps too! Yeah! 🙂

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