Here are some of our inspirations!

tubes + sound

The audiochmura installation basically kickstarted our whole idea of using tubes for echolocation!! We wanted to use the tubes for people to speak into them. And we found a washing machine tube that fits perfectly!!
It looks something like this:

Then came the moment of truth, would it work when one speaks into it? And yes!!! It does! We tried whispering into it, and if you close your eyes, you can actually kind of hear where the sound is coming out from (where the other end of the tube is)! Is it from the left or from the right? Is it near or is it far?

The best part about using these tubes is that the length can be varied for the fact that they can be stretched! This enables us to play with length, which offers more unpredictability, more randomness in our sculpture – and therefore the resulting sound from someone speaking into each tube would be very different!

LEGS + touch

We initially very intrigued by the fact that pool noodles really resembled Whanacle legs, and it was such a nice element for “touch”! It was one of our initial ideas for introducing touch to our installation.
Then we came up with the idea of audio tubes, and hence the idea of using strips of fabric/trash bag was born! We wanted an immersive experience, one that would work together with our tube idea (and not separate) as such, had to forgo our pool noodle idea and instead focus on hanging Whanacle legs!

Our idea now is that we’ll create a cave that spans our whole installation out of white plastic bags as they’re the perfect material! We chose white bags instead of transparent bags because the texture of white trash bags are more flowy rather than the crinkly feeling that the transparent trash bags give. And we want the flowy bags so that it mimics the movement of the Whanacle legs more closely!

level of interactivity

here are some of our visual references:

1- underwater look and feel
2- upside down exhibition

additional inspirations for previous ideas:

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  1. Yes I loved your  initial inspirations , pity couldn’t test out the wire automata “ripple” idea… Anyway just focus on the overhead acoustics / touch  & ground texture for your installation.

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