LIT By Mark and Nasya


Initial Sketch:

Link to initial sketches.

Initial sketch #3

We decided to build on our initial sketch #3, where: Gesture = Spinning the phone, leads to Output = Lights will change in colour (Activating Party Mode).¬†We used the “compass” values on ZIG SIM as a value for this gesture.

But upon testing our sketches on Processing with the computer screen, we found out that this interaction was not particularly interesting/special. Therefore we started brainstorming and building on our initial idea.

Current Sketch:

How our current sketch works is that wherever the participant faces, that part of the LED strip, which is arranged in a circle, lights up.

Current sketch


Like in our initial sketch, we used the “compass” value from ZIG SIM as our variable.

To expand upon our sketch, we made 3 different states, as seen in the video:

State #1: When the participant is facing the same direction as the light.

State #2: When the participant is facing in the opposite direction as the light.

State #3: When the colour of the light changes.


Behind the scenes:

Set up

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