Foundation 3D Assignment 2A – Polyhedron Dreams (Final)

This is the final model of the tetrahedron.

This is the final planar model, which I did not choose to be my reference point for my final model as it was too unstable in itself to attempt a shift in form. My main inspiration was for it to be asymmetrical and include both curves and straight lines. I incorporated unconventional shapes to make it look more engaging and dynamic from all angles.

These are photos of my final model, taken from different angles. I feel that I have successfully achieved emulating the hollowed effect from most, if not all, angles.

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  1. Planar model

    – A Playful composition of geometric elements – especially with the “floating” circular elements. May have worked better with more “pure” geometric forms with which the eyes could have focused on the dynamic expression purely by its placement in relation to each other.

    Combination Model

    – There is clear the intent in the use of the elements to express this expanding yet hollowing idea.

    – The placement of the planes and inner lines however, could have been more intentional. For eg. the inner series of lines could have been more compactly placed to express more density in those areas. The planes’ placement could have helped in pulling the overall composition together where from afar it could have formed the dominant element.

    – On the whole good attempt with both models.

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