Foundation 4D Manipulated Found Object: Anatomy of a Dollar Bill

This piece displays cut-out elements from a dollar bill*, re-purposed and pasted onto another piece of paper. Created to challenge our perceptions of currency and highlighting that money is but a social construct, this pseudo dollar note brings up the question of the value that we give to mere pieces of paper/plastic.

Thought Process:

A dollar bill immediately loses its worth if it is torn or if even a single element is omitted. For something that can have its meaning displaced so easily, it seems to be holding too much value. I made this piece to challenge the viewer to think about society’s relationship with money and why we place so much importance on it even though it reverts to being just a piece of paper or plastic the moment it gets damaged.

*This project is meant to feature real cut-up elements from a real Singaporean dollar note. A fake dollar note has been used but please use your imagination to envision said elements.

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