1. Karl,Truccozion boy,20

    Karl is from a family of craftsmen. Making and designing mascheres is his family business. From the age of 6, he starts to impart crafting skills from his father. Karl is also known as one of the top crafters of mascheres. With his vast experience as a maschere maker, he did travel with his father to other towns to craft for luxurious families.

    However, after designing for so many years, he did not know who he is. He was fulfilling orders most of the time and lost track of his own identity. Approaching his adulthood which he requires to make a maschere for himself, he decides to set out for the journey to know more about himself and hopes that before he reaches his adulthood, he would be able to craft a maschere that symbolises him.

    • This is Karl. Karl is bad at mathematics and his passport showed that he was acutally 17. He took so much time to practice the art of crafting that he forgot how to count. Karl is not learning. Don’t be like Karl.

      • Strenght: Karl is a kid so Karl has no strength. ( 0 Str)
        Agility: Karl is hyperactive so he has 6 agility (6 Agi)
        Intelligence: Karl can’t do maths, don’t be like Karl (0 Int)

  2. Girl with face
    Name: Felicity, 21
    Backstory: Felicity was a quiet and shy Truccozion. Everyone was the same but only disliked her. Since Felicity was quiet, she was always bullied by everyone. Felicity felt that she had no one to talk to and no Maschere wanted to be associated with her. All the Maschere always had to draw lots to see who was the unlucky one to go with her.

    Felicity felt heartbroken as she knew that she was the same as everyone else. No one wanted to be her friend and all the Maschere ran away when being with her. Felicity then walked out of the town to somewhere she had never been before. She met a young boy who had facial features and asked him about it. He just held her hand and brought her into a strangely dark room where a scientist, Joque was. Joque saw that she was gloomy and wanted a new life so he poured a green liquid on her face. Immediately, she had a face.

    • [OOC]
      Hi! Sorry please include these information for your character as well:
      – Job currently if any
      – Describe/design her face (can include any facial features but please make it distinguishable as a face)
      – Agility +2 and distribute the other 6 points to the three attributes -Strength, Agility and Intelligence

      • Job: previously she worked as a flower shop assistant, she is now jobless as no one wants to hire her since she looked strange.
        Facial features: She has a thick red lip, small eyes like cherries, dark skin, big ears with one of the ears have a small mole and a sharp nose.
        AGL – 1
        STR – 1
        INT – 4

  3. Job: High End Mask Crafter Apprentice
    Facial features: He has small pearly eyes, thin lips, small ears, fair skin, relatively small size compared to the other citizens.
    Str – 1
    Agi- 4
    Int – 1