1. Your choice of topic on Ghosts is really intriguing for me. All the way from the point where you started explaining your choice of topic and the concept behind it, to your research, it set me thinking for quite a bit on the topic itself. Come to think about it, the numbers of points of view for ghosts is really countless. But however different they may seem or behave, everyone will still know that it is a ghost that they are seeing.

    For your lines, I really some of your points. Particularly for your 16th point which says “Ghost in the point of view of a paranormal TV host is an adventure.”. It is an adventure for the TV host indeed. One that will probably send him wetting his pants. Your 22nd point is really interesting too. “Ghost in the point of view of Thai culture is a form of blessing and protection.” I never knew there was anyone in this world that will see ghosts as something benevolent and good. So that was something new for me.

    Good job on your research too. I did not know that for Pontianak, something that is quite relatable for us Singaporeans, had multiple origins to it. I think that this particular choice of topic will allow you to have many areas of explorations and hopefully (or not), lots of exciting experiences/adventures. Looking forward to the end product of your work!

  2. omg that topic!! hahahah are you scared of it?? If you are, it will be quite scary. hahahaahha 😛 how are you going to execute this? photography? and which are the ones you are probably going to use? Like “Ghost in the point of view of a sceptic is bullshit.” It will be hard to show bullshit, unless you write out the word bullshit or literally put bull’s shit inside(a bit iffy). But I see a lot of different cultures, maybe you can group them together and see what you get?

  3. Hi Nathalie, first of all, reallyreallly great choice of topic!! Muahahaha, It grabbed my attention immediately due to the curiosity of unknown. As you mentioned about trick art, thought you can look at the variety show, ‘Brain games’ (Nat Geo), it may trigger some ideas and techniques. I personally watched the episodes of brain games on liar,liar, perspective illusion, misconceptions and color illusion a while back, which I find that it would definitely be useful for your project. – One of the techniques I recalled, is playing with distance to deceive the audiences’ eyes ( just like the Beuchet chair trick). 😉

    Hope this helps and here’s a url link for the episode on liar,liar. – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x16xov7_brain-games-liar-liar_shortfilms (You can look up the rest at youtube I think!)

  4. Thank you Gary, Jia Hui and Fiona! Your comments really helped me think through the topic more and also for ideas on how to continue with the project!