Aesthetics in Form- Function Human Emotion

In the last lecture, we were introduced to the 3 nodes of aesthetics, namely Function; Human factor; Emotion dominant. It is often quoted that the form of a product describe its aesthetic, which is generally biased towards one of the 3 nodes.



Designed by Dieter Rams and made by Vitsoe, the 606 Universal Shelving offers a modular and functional shelving system, that can be adapted to any environment. Unobtrusive in design, the product main focus is its functionality.

606 Universal Shelving



Nike or any other sports brands deal mostly with human centered products to deliver performance and comfort to the user. There is a constant need to analyse the different physical attributes of the human body (how it reacts to the environment) and develop new technology that would boost the human capabilities while offering good ergonomics.

For decades Nike has been working on how to create a footwear that would act as ‘a second skin for the foot’ and with their latest Nike Free; Nike Hyper Adapt, their goals just seem to be within reach.

Morphing Sole Nike Free RN
Self Lacing shoes Nike HyperAdapt



“A tool for the heart”  Quoted from Jobs (2013)

When Steve Jobs first introduced the Ipod(2001), it moved millions. A revolutionary product that packed ‘1000’ songs in one tiny device. The ability to access an entire music library at your finger tip was groundbreaking at that time. Music is often cited as being food the soul, and the ability to scroll through an encyclopedia of songs, select and play any of them, made the Ipod(2001) an emotion biased product but at the same time well balanced.

Ipod (2001)


The 3 nodes of aesthetics are very important factors to consider and as a designer, we should know how to identify those various products more clearly. I  believe striking the right balanced  is the most rational approach but i shall not let that be the determining factor of my designs.

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  1. Good writing. The nodes give you a platform to raise your design. For the same position of the aesthetics different designers will do different design.

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