Field Trip: Harvey Norman

Objective of the field trip: To gain an insight on existing products; identify trends and products of interest

  1. Down memory lane

The products lining up the front space of the store were retro inspired. Pastel coloured and boxy forms, we were down memory lane. Those products are emotion biased because they instillĀ in people a feeling of nostalgia.

2. Organic forms

In contrast to the retro inspired product, what can also be seen as trendy are organic/ smooth forms.

3. Products of interest

A range of products that caught my attention are the shavers from Braun. What i like particularly about Braun is their consistency in design. They improve their design but keep the same language. By doing so, they build on they brand identity. Braun products are generally function dominant.


Marshall speakers are often identified because they look like traditional vintage speakers made out of wood and brass analog buttons.

The new speakers are more organic in form and generally vibrant in colour.

Contemporary reinterpretation of the classics. Form reminds us of vintage speakers which looks boxy but the colour screams modernity.



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