in 4D Foundation - 2, Research

Task 1 Project 1a: Terrifying Me


In task ‘Self’, I have decided to recreate the progress of how I have learnt to overcome societal discrimination and my inabilities. In the first photo, it is “Realisation”, where I hear that most of my teachers(more than students) in school do not approve of my plans to enter a Junior College.


In the second photo, “Acceptance” I hold my palm up, almost proudly showing to the audience the way I was looked down upon. I begin to feel a sense of empowerment and ask myself “How am I going to prove them wrong?”, especially so as I come from a not-as-good background of a normal academic student.



In the last photo of “Progression”, I hold my hand as if poisoned and possessed, down into the dark waters – washing it away and returning it to the dark abyss. The depths of my self-doubt, fears and inabilities.

Posture: While my hand is in the water, I bend over as if the poisoned hand is being sucked into the darkness in the water(representing uncertainty) and the struggle to remove the ink on my hand serves us the toil I had to go through in order to enter a Junior College, which I finally managed to.

Layout during Presentation:

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