in 4D Foundation - 2, Research

Project 1c: She must have slept on the floor, wrapped in a sheep costume.



Diluted Possessiveness

As a girl, I like to collect pretty things and I’ll display them in different parts of my house

– on tables, shelves, by the windows.



I took several of my art works I did when I was younger which included water colour, print making, mixed media etc. My mother happened to be walking by and she talked about them with me, about how they made her feel – playful, happy, whimsical. She decided to buy frames for the ones we both liked.

Composition: To express the feeling of whimsical, playful, I placed some pink cheery flowers against the vertical lines of the photo frames.





As a fan of craft beer, I collect bottles of the beers which I enjoyed and those which looked interesting.




If you look closely, this board is pinned with photos of when I travelled to the United Kingdom alone before University started. I like the physical state of things, the feeling of photographs being printed out and pinned up. Maybe it is my possessiveness or my obsession, but does it make you wonder – with so much clutter around the house. Where must she have slept?