4D Project 2: Room 3-2-60

1) 100 – 200 word description of your Project 2, including

a. Explain the concept behind your sequence

Concept: Psychological Horror

Synopsis: Protagonist is being elusive and deluded after her room mate’s death.

b. What do the images represent or signify

The video uses fire is a visual clue to start a beginning or ending. At the start of the video, the fire from the cigarette marks the prelude to the climax. After the climax (Flashback from the Car Accident), the fire from ritual of the burning hell notes becomes a closure for the climax. Lastly, the fire dies down. Setting the mood for darkness to set in and the horror to begin.

c. How did you compose the images

2) Research links, artist reference, how these material influence and inform your project


3) Reflections – what is your take away from this project?

Oddly, doing this project on filming horror and suspense allowed me to form an interest in horror films.

I took a liking to creating the mood and it set me on a journey to research and discover what disturbs the human soul.