in My Work

Chapter: Deciding who she is

The snow poured heavily outside, she’s in her room in the attic. The wooden furniture stood still and silent as the wind hits the glass window relentlessly. As she stood up from her dark wooden chair, it creaked softly. She hears the shuffling of footsteps downstairs. Judging from the time, she must have travelled an hour or so before the man chased up to her.

Who was he…? What did he wanted?

She leaves the room and heads for the first floor, where Sharma and Kotecha are cooking in the kitchen. They’re moving around the exact same way she had seen them before she left for the city. Sharma, dark haired, tanned and frail stirred the pot while she grinds the chicken bones she has hidden in the fireplace least the government does a raid on them again. The other time, Kotecha was forced to give up their canned goods they had bartered for the last of Sharma’s jewellery. They drank the hot water with grinded chicken bones silently. Kotecha came forward to offer her a bowl but she politely pushed the bowl back to her. The bratva were after her, if she were to stay in the house any longer, they’ll be after Sharma and Kotecha too. She had to leave, immediately.

Briony Grey can choose to run away, or to confront and find out who was it lurking around the house earlier.




  1. If Briony has to run away from both the Bratva and the mysterious man, that seems like too many people to run away from, sounds tough. Briony decides to search the house for the mysterious man.