in Emergent Dreams, My Work

Chapter 2: Seven Minutes


She left the house hurriedly, fast, her heart throbbing, pounding in her head. She knew she had to leave least the Bratva take it on the Blacks. How could they have tracked her down here? No, not the same route. She had to take a detour, if she makes it to where the man found her before he did, she’ll know who was he and what he wanted. Into the forest she went. The snow is now knee deep and every step was getting harder to make. Her body was freezing and fatigue was getting the better of her. Slowly, oxygen was leaving her brain and the anxiety pangs starts to hit her. The blood continued to form between the sore skin. She bit her lips and pushed forward. The leaves of a pine tree three meters away, shuffled.

She stopped. Her heart sank. The silence enveloped her surroundings. She could no longer hear her panting as she held her breath and stood watching. The cold silence made her fearful to move. She crouched over, turning in all directions, wary and afraid. Her vision was blurring…

Playing Briony Grey, you can choose to use your powers and time-travel or to confront the encounter.