Lore: Authority

When one were to speak of authority, it wasn’t one about the government. In a world as devastated as this, the one who has the ability to hold the last breath has the most power. The government is barely surviving, hidden away and sheltered by false media. The Solntsevskaya Bratva was more than just breathing, it was beating hard.

Within years, the entire country was covered in the clouds of darkness and snow and of hail and hoarfrost.

Meanwhile crime shot up as honest shopkeepers found themselves at the mercy of robbers, thieves and hooligans.

Since the law couldn’t protect you, you had to look outside it. You had to get yourself a “roof”, or a krysha. Krysha is Russian slang for ‘protection’, as in you hand over X amount of money each month to a corrupt politician, your old school buddy who joined the police force, a private security firm or the racketeering organization of your choice in order to avoid having problems. If you failed to keep up your end of the bargain you’d find yourself at risk of having an accident, maybe tripping up over a hand grenade or bumping into a loaded Kalashnikov. In Russia, it doesn’t pay being clumsy.

Chapter 2: Seven Minutes


She left the house hurriedly, fast, her heart throbbing, pounding in her head. She knew she had to leave least the Bratva take it on the Blacks. How could they have tracked her down here? No, not the same route. She had to take a detour, if she makes it to where the man found her before he did, she’ll know who was he and what he wanted. Into the forest she went. The snow is now knee deep and every step was getting harder to make. Her body was freezing and fatigue was getting the better of her. Slowly, oxygen was leaving her brain and the anxiety pangs starts to hit her. The blood continued to form between the sore skin. She bit her lips and pushed forward. The leaves of a pine tree three meters away, shuffled.

She stopped. Her heart sank. The silence enveloped her surroundings. She could no longer hear her panting as she held her breath and stood watching. The cold silence made her fearful to move. She crouched over, turning in all directions, wary and afraid. Her vision was blurring…

Playing Briony Grey, you can choose to use your powers and time-travel or to confront the encounter.

Chapter(Lore): Vegetation – Underground


Fast forward in London, year 2034. Briony Grey lives with the Black family, they found her freezing in the streets, stealing in order to survive. The Black family, mother and daughter duo live in a warm house 40 nautical miles off the city. Briony lives her life in fear of meeting the Bratva again, meanwhile protecting the family in return for their kindness.

The weather got rougher and the streets became colder. The government decided to reduce food rations discreetly, while increasing media coverage on R&D that claims to speed up the process of food growth.

Hungry and cold, she knew where the government kept their food supplies – an underground stem which works as a green house as its impossible for the growth of green above ground. It’s location hidden well deep into the city, the only way for her to get there is via the Metro. There was no way she was going to get food anywhere here.

“I can’t let them die here.”

Braving the cold, Briony threads along the cold pathway in the freeze. Footsteps were crunching away in the snow behind her. As she fastened her pace, it followed too. Fear gripped her. She began running, the bitter wind cutting her face as she battled the cold. He ran faster, chasing up to her.

“Stop!” He yelled, “I know you,” – Yet how could the Bratva have traced her all the way here. It didn’t make sense. But there was only one thing she could do.

Pulling off her gloves while sprinting across the 3-inches deep snow, she looked at the spot of her palm with overgrowth tissue protruding within what essentially is an unhealed wound. The skin was still painful and itchy. Using the blades on her metal thumb ring, a decisive and habitual lance through her palm –

A sudden violent rotating column of air extending to a thunderstorm shook the ground. The trees bent over towards the wind source and the air hurled around cars. The piercing wind made it impossible for anyone to open their eyes. “STOP IT!” He yelled, “I KNOW WHAT You are… you will meet me agai..” Softer and softer, his shouts faded away. That voice became a distant memory.

Briony opened her eyes again, back into the warm cottage the Black lives in. She looks outside the window. The snow has just started to pour. She has travelled back in time.



It wasn’t long before she winced at the pain, her skin is torn and blood lined the outermost layer of her palm. The man from before, where was he from? He has to be somewhere near here..



You’re playing Briony Grey, you are free to roam around the area and interact.



Lore: Hoar Lance Children

Briony Grey, a “Runner,” lives alone in the overpopulated city of London in year 2034.

Born in Moldova, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east,and south. In year 2024, The accident at the Moldova nuclear reactor that occurred on the 24th of June was the most serious accident ever to occur in the nuclear power industry. Soviet Union and Transnistria state locked down the country and placed embargo due to its pollution. The meltdown stripped Moldovans off their fertile soil and hence their main exports of wheat, corn, barley, tobacco, sugar beet, and soybeans, leaving them to die of hunger and poverty.

In desperation of survival, Grey’s family who lived near Chisinau, sold their daughter to the black market dominated by the Bratva organisation booming in human trafficking, which took interest in nuclear-affected children.

The largest organised mafia group – Solntsevskaya Bratva, known for the assassination of key figures of global political leaders to dominate industries such as transport, energy and the research and development industry. In year 2024, the organisation heavily invested in medical research, funding witch doctors to experiment in human tests to produce “Runners”, an accidental experimental product from the Moldovan Nuclear reaction.


Briony Grey, 18, grew up imprisoned underground for years under Bratva’s witch doctors living through trials of human experiment for 4 years until she unleashed her abilities to set herself free. – But the run has just started.




Character Development –

You are playing Briony Grey by default and the second player will join you later in the gameplay.

Decide upon your:  Appearance, attributes points (Strength, Agility and Intelligence) splitting them out of 10. Strength, physical force. Agility, swiftness and alertness. Intelligence, judgement and perception.

Hence determining the character’s decisions and gameplay.

Race is defined in the start of the gameplay – Humankind in the Era of the Eastern Nuclear Meltdown. Your character’s class and abilities will be revealed in the gameplay as it unfolds. Things may never seem the way it is.


Second Character Development –

You are playing Owen Harrison,

You can decide on your appearance, your attributes points (Strength, Agility and Intelligence) splitting them out of 10. Strength, physical force. Agility, swiftness and alertness. Intelligence, judgement and perception.

Your character’s class and abilities will be revealed in the gameplay as it unfolds.