Kyle Stavers, Composition Study


In kyle staver’s painting of a couple in the bathroom, the feeling is intimate, almost comedic and warm. The translucency of the shower curtains draws me in as it is the lightest part of the painting and it cuts the painting into two equal halves. The lady on the left is painted in a darker shade compared to the man in the bath tub on the right. She is also placed in a higher position and in a smaller scale compared to the man. This balances the artwork as the man is in a lighter shade and he captures more attention. The shower head above the man sets the tone and atmosphere of the painting and we can feel that he is in a more enclosed space as compared to the lady on the left. The man submerged in water is also well painted although faintly but we can tell that the bath tub is filled. The warm tones of the bathroom tiles under the lady¬†creates a kind of action and motion to the painting and we can feel that somehow the lady is moving or hustling faster than the man on the right is. Overall, I enjoy the atmosphere created in this indoor painting of the couple sharing a toilet on a daily basis.




In this second artwork of Kyle Staver, my eyes are directed to the blood on the knife held by the big man on the left. The knife cuts the artwork into 2/3, diagonally, with the man in a redder shade on the left and the man with the right orangey tone on the right. I really enjoy how this painting has no definite context of time or space and the audience is able to create the situation on their own. The way the animal from the right swoops into the redder man on the left creates motion and direction for the audience’s eyes. The colour of the sky shines behind the man on the left. The skin tone for the man on the left is very interesting as it shows a sense of violence and tension and the way his back is arched behind is unusual and it raises curiosity.



Lastly, this painting shows two people in a free fall motion and frozen in time. Similar to the second painting, it does not have a definite time or space and it is up to the audience to guess where is this place and when is it. To me, it feels like it in the morning however they have fallen into a very big pot or vase and they are reaching the bottom of it. This must not have been earth because of the way the lady is falling (right side), she seems to be almost floating and being pushed upwards off the ground. The semi-circle on the bottom frames the artwork and it makes the place looks somehow contained. The light falling on the chest of the man and the lady. The light source seems to come from the left top corner. This piece is very interesting because of the perspective of the man free falling. The way he is cropped is draws attention to the way and dynamics of the way he is falling and dragged down by gravity whereas the lady is pushed off the ground.