2D Foundation Project: Ego In Different Settings

Style Inspiration

1. Minimalist Design

I am very drawn to the simplicity of these designs. The subject of the design is uninterrupted by the background and this makes it visually impactful. The bold and contrasting colours used in the illustration compensates for the simplicity of the design. This style can be executed by vector illustration or photography.    

2.  Sketch Design

This style is based on capturing what we see from direct observation and can be executed best using traditional medium or digital painting. Generally, this design style gives off a more organic look with its uneven lines and values. It can also capture many details of the subject.

3.   Collage Design

This style uses existing images on the internet to create a stylistic design. It gives off a modern and dynamic appearance. However, this style would be similar to the previous project and will be limited by images.

Ideal Colour Scheme

I would like to go for a lighter/pastel colours in my designs as I want to portray  a more light hearted theme.


Design 1

Me: A disciplined and well-behaved basketball.

Situation: My parents go overseas and there is no supervision.

Outcome: The disciplined and well-behaved basketball let loose and party all night. The basketball peels open to reveal that actually it’s core is made out of a disco ball.

Colour Theory: Triadic and Complementary

Design 2: Triadic and Complementary

Me: An anxious Jello that gets jitters.

Situation: Jello goes for a swim (a comfortable and relaxed environment).

Outcome: The anxious Jello calms down and grows some tentacles. It becomes a jellyfish that swims gracefully in the water, no longer anxious.

Colour Theory: Split Complementary and Complementary

Design 3

Me: An ordinary and boring pack of fries.

Situation: Fries goes to a salon.

Outcome: The ordinary pack of fries gets a transformation and upgrade into twister fries.

Colour Theory: Triadic, Complementary and Analogous

Design 4

Me: A bowl of inconsiderable Froot Loops.

Situation: Froot Loops goes for a sushi (opportunity) buffet.

Outcome: The inconsiderable Froot Loops actually has a big appetite (ambition). The petite sized Froot Loops gain weight by grabbing all the opportunities and transform into plus size donut.

Colour Theory: Split Complementary  and Triadic

Process and Challenges

Initially, I wanted to do two strips in vector art and another two in photography. However, after trying out photography, I found that the results were not as desirable. I think that was because I didn’t take the photos from the same angle and in the same lighting. Therefore, the resulting images were not very consistent. It is also very difficult to play around with colours because usually the object itself already have a fixed colour.

Final Composition