History of Design || Manifesto

I always feel like colour is a language by itself,
encapsulating expression and emotions, which determines
the subjective characteristic. From nature to our world
within, red arouse physical alertness, and truth applies
to our mental activity the same. Universal, disregarding
age, space, and even species, yet differentiated by the
slightest difference we have.

As such, red also means prosperity.
Who to determine the meaning of colour then?

When we express, message from within was being transmitted,
and simultaneously, message was also taken in as influence.
We all agree, blue makes us sad. Perhaps, we do not define
colours but communicate with it. Through the context of
culture and other things associated, colours define us.
Our personality, our image, our perspective and identity.

The world is made up of only colours, one against each
other. Yet it is so integrated that its presence seems

When was the last time someone ask you;
"What colours do you like?"

Creative Response 02 || Art Nouveau & Dada

*feature image should be 02

The heading reads: William Morries is not Chinese?

Many of his wallpaper designs are nature-centred, with
distinctive elements such as vines, flowers, birds and
whirling decorative patterns.

I find it very oriental, and surprisingly homogenous
with Chinese wedding practiced in Singapore today.
The Chinese believe that gold + red = prosperity, birds
in a pair = inseparable, and vines emphasise craftsman-

It goes well with Chinese wedding invitations too!
So, is he really not Chinese? :D


Photo montage and collage was prevalent during the time
of Dada.

My first encounter with photo montage was those i saw
on teenage magazine. (you feel me?)

Maybe i can produce a fashion montage with no sense of
'faSin' at all since that is what we do as Singaporeans
99% of the time. Yay to shorts and slippers!