4D Exercise 1: scales and framing


We did an in-class activity whereby I partner up with Jun to take 12 photos of each other, without posing.

She’s more comfortable in corridor rather than classroom so that was where we head to. Intuitively, my first shoot is wide angled, eye-leveled because in my opinion, corridors all have this depressing ambience.

Followed up by a high angled, full body shoot to highlight her vulnerability and helplessness in the lonely corridor because this angle make her seem rather insignificant.

I wanted to zoom in and get a close up shoot but Jun is extremely timid, hence, I managed to capture the moment she shy away from the camera. I’ve decided to post it as one of my favourite because it’s natural, her action upheld an accurate representation of her personality and who she really is. This photo also immortalised an unspoken but interesting moment during our 10 minutes of shooting with minimal interaction.


All in all, this activity is fun, straight-forward but never easy. Firstly, there are sources of distraction like people walking past and random structure like windows and doors that can disrupt the tidiness of the photo, therefore framing and positioning the camera became an issue. Secondly, minimal interaction means that communication between me and her is practically non-existent which makes the shooting process extremely difficult because we can’t tell each other what kind of result we’re looking for. Thirdly, as an inexperienced photographer myself, there are always rooms for improvements like how to focus more efficiently, handling the camera better and most importantly, learn about the compositions so my photos can turn out to be aesthetically pleasing.

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