Creative Response 02 || Art Nouveau & Dada

*feature image should be 02

The heading reads: William Morries is not Chinese?

Many of his wallpaper designs are nature-centred, with
distinctive elements such as vines, flowers, birds and
whirling decorative patterns.

I find it very oriental, and surprisingly homogenous
with Chinese wedding practiced in Singapore today.
The Chinese believe that gold + red = prosperity, birds
in a pair = inseparable, and vines emphasise craftsman-

It goes well with Chinese wedding invitations too!
So, is he really not Chinese? :D


Photo montage and collage was prevalent during the time
of Dada.

My first encounter with photo montage was those i saw
on teenage magazine. (you feel me?)

Maybe i can produce a fashion montage with no sense of
'faSin' at all since that is what we do as Singaporeans
99% of the time. Yay to shorts and slippers!

Creative Response 01 || My Name

(JIA)ng - NAN


Plus sign is pronounced as ‘jia’ in Chinese. My name ‘Nan‘ is a prominent dish in Indian cuisine (sometimes Naan), which I personally really like.

Hence, I combined the two into a pun and incorporate it into a design which resembles an advertisement banner. (mostly because I refuse to deal with equations. :’] )


In-class exercise

Looks like a grumpy bird caged in a confined space. That is depressingly accurate for a long-term hall resident.



I think this is for ‘JN’. Yeah, pretty sure that is what they do with unpopular alphabets. 12 toilet plungers arranged in an undisciplined yet solemn manner, beautiful.