Project 4 : Poetics of Time

“Project proposal & research”


Black dustbin is to convert the intangible ideas of the video to a tangible, visible form. Black because most of the words are negative, “sprouting” out from the mouth. I also included a PPT presentation on the critique day.

  1. Short but powerful massages.
  2. Subversion of text and audio is interesting.


I really enjoyed the process of this project because I get to know a little more about each volunteer in an intellectual way, as if I took part and played a role in their past encounters. Perhaps touch a little on their personalities too.

The presentation is a simple but honest piece, as my main focus is to let volunteers voice out their mind and deliver the disparity.

Of course the technical aspect of the delivery could be more sophisticated but within the short time given, I feel that the message and aim I wanted to bring forward is achieved with success with regards to the feedback I receive.


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