Ego in Different Settings: Final Work

Hello! Project 3 is finally over and 2D is finally done with! 🙂 It was a tedious and scary project because it seemed to involve so much within a small timeframe but we all pulled through! Here’s a runthrough of my process and final result.


Art direction was something I pretty much struggled with as I wasn’t comfortable with my usual art style. Normally its pretty sketchy so I didn’t think it would go together with colours well. So I thought about simplifying shapes to make the colours stand out, and I drew inspiration from Dorris McComics, who is the artist behind the Blobby series!!

My main idea is that each figure takes the form of a blob, including me, while I shift colours every row. Each row has a singular main colour as I wanted it to have a uniform feel. Here’s my final presentation to get a gist of it:

Final Presentation, Ego.

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Ego in Different Settings: Colour Harmony Research

henlo friends here is Big Wheel of Colours:


Occurs when the colours of a monochromatic palette all share a single hue, but vary in brightness and saturation.

Image taken from
this is so pretty but there were no credits to the artist!! 🙁 make sure to credit artists pls Image taken from
By Jenny Wichman. Image taken from

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Forrest Gump: Final Work!

Hey guys!! Here’s my final write up on my final work for Foundation 2D Project 2: Forrest Gump. So far this was the longest project we’ve had and I think it really shows haha. Here’s the earlier post that detailed my research and brainstorming for quotes:

Forrest Gump: Research

Anyway no more rambling, let’s get straight into it!!

[ T H E M E  :  S C I E N C E   F I C T I O N   F I L M S ]

dunzi dunzi dunzi dunzi

In my previous post I did mention that I had like a sci-fi theme in mind, so I just went with that because the sci-fi genre is the genre that I’m the most fascinated (and confused) by and I just really love them. I actually was also considering doing a series starring quotes from Quentin Tarantino films instead because I’m a really big fan of his film direction and aesthetic, but in the end that was more limiting so I decided on the sci-fi theme instead.

I decided to go with a more serious and sullen vibe for the pieces, and wanted to bring in the reoccurring theme across many sci-fi movies of human nature, and ‘what does it mean to be human’. (I suddenly thought of Ex Machina and now I’m sad I didn’t research on it help) I also wanted to involve the design principle of unity and variety, so I decided to use hands as a motif across all my pieces. My general approach for formulating the visual interpretation of the quotes was to draw upon the themes of the movies and at the same time, look at the literal aspects of the quote.

was not supposed to put this in but i legit love LOVE harrison ford yall

[ G A T T A C A ]

“You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it Anton; I never saved anything for the swim back.” – Vincent Freeman, Gattaca (1997)

Forrest Gump: Gattaca print, Niki Koh

This was the first print that I did for the project. To be honest I spent way too much time on it – almost 7 hours?? After that I decided to reduce the intensity in the designs for my subsequent compositions cos I honestly didn’t (and still don’t) have a lot of time HAHAA.

Plan for Gattaca print

The literal aspect of the quote that was in the final print was the usage of water as a nod to the word ‘swim’, in the form of a stormy, dark sea. The original hands were supposed to be cupped, but none of the cupped hands I found online looked good when in threshold, so I substituted them for a pair that looked like they were praying or giving something up, as a reference to the phrase ‘I never saved anything’. The themes I drew from the film to put into the print was the theme of intergalactic travel, as the film’s plot is about a man who is genetically disabled, but still dreams of pursuing a career in space due to his extreme passion for it. Hence, the numerous mythical representation of constellations located within the circle of stars in the print.

Gattaca (1997). Image taken from

Initially I also wanted to place a rocket within the cupped hands but I figured that would result in too many elements within the print.

Initially, the print was like this:

First draft of Gattaca print

The feedback that I had gotten was that there were too many cluttered figures in the circle and it was hard to figure out what they were. (Also I forgot about following the dimensions and it was really big LOL) However because I didn’t have time to edit the print before silkscreening, I decided to just silk screen this original print on the bag, which I will go into detail about later!!

Yup but for the final presentation I decided to put less figures into the circle and increased their scale so they would be more obvious. The difference isn’t very big though so maybe my efforts were futile?? :’)

Nevertheless, this print is the one which I liked a lot as well as a bunch of other classmates too so I’m glad about that!! (A friend told me it looked very bengz though lmao she’s not my friend anymore humph)

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My Line is Emo: Beginning My Mark-making Journey!!!


So on Monday we had our second Foundation 2D class where we got to make our own mono prints with things that we brought from home/hall/anywhere! Because I was kinda in a rush I just grabbed a bunch of random rubbish from my room like tissue paper, wrapping tissue, string, cotton squares, and some cloth. I was really out of it that day haha I wish I had thought of picking up leaves and grass on the walk to school but it totally slipped my mind. Catch me in the 2D room with armfuls of grass next lesson.

Anyway, we were shown how to make the mono prints using linoleum squares, ink, and paper. Here’s a more detailed process for my future reference (or anyone’s future reference hehe):

  1. First, transfer the ink evenly onto the linoleum square using a brayer.
  2. Place your objects onto the inked surface, arranging them however you like.
  3. Place the sheet of paper onto the surface, making sure to press down when you carry around the linoleum square to prevent stuff from falling out.
  4. The fourth step, the creation of the print, has various methods. The press machine is one, where you place your square onto a board. The square is then squeezed evenly under a rolling metal cylinder, creating an even mono print. The second method is using a small circular plate to manually press across your linoleum square, giving rise to other interesting effects like circles or straight lines, depending on how you move the plate around. The last method is one that I found on my own (if I wasn’t supposed to do this, sorry to Joy in advance WHOOPS). I just took a clean brayer and rolled it over the surface of my mono print and it created lines and grids!
  5. Remove the paper from the square and let it dry.

Here are some examples of the mono prints I made in class:

Mono-print, Made with latex gloves
Mono-print, Made with latex gloves
Side by side comparison of the mono prints made with the latex gloves

These were the first prints I made with a pair of latex gloves that I brought! I thought the idea was cool but frankly I think the first one looks quite silly. Like someone’s hands with super extra fat fingers. The second one was an inverse print where you just remove the objects and re-roll the linoleum square with a fresh sheet of paper to capture the textures of the items itself, and I think the inverse print looks more interesting because it managed to capture the folds of the gloves. However, this print just felt like me just plainly whacking with whatever items I had, without much thought. But the first one was just a tester I guess!

Mono-print, Made with a long piece of cloth

This one was super stupid HAHAHA I thought using the cloth piece would show some cool effects but I forgot that all that happened was that the cloth would block the ink and it just came out to be a rough blob and I was so disappointed. :/ And then I wanted to do an inverse print but I mixed up the steps and ruined my chances of mono printing the cloth’s textures hais. I’ll keep cloth in mind for future mono printing! On the bright side it looks like a screaming stingray? ://

Mono-print, Made with cotton squares
Mono-print, Made with cotton squares
Side by side comparison of the mono prints made with cotton squares

This one I was quite happy with, especially the inverse print! It looks kind of like cells hovering around in space and minding their own business. I’m not even sure what the extra lines around the squares were but they look cool.

Mono-print, Made with torn up wrapping tissue
Mono-print, Made with torn up wrapping tissue

This one is slightly diifferent as it was done using the small circular plate! I moved it around across the paper as well as in circles. These are actually my favourite prints! I love the cloudy effect the inconsistent pressure has on the ink. Also the tiny dots speckled around (from what I don’t even know) remind me of stars, and the shapes of countries. However I can’t find them right now as I think I forgot to take them 🙁 Hopefully Tricia still has them!!

Mono-print, Made with my own bare hands covered in ink whew
Mono-print, Made with my own bare hands covered in ink whew

I think these also looked quite interesting hahaha I was running out of materials to use so I just thought about using my own hands! So I covered the linoleum square in ink, and pressed my hands into the ink. To not waste the ink on my hands I just pressed it all onto a piece of paper. Then I used a clean brayer to press the paper to the square, and out popped this print. Looks quite haunting to me, like some ghost is trying to push their way out of the paper hehe.

Mono-print, Made with a long piece of cloth

This one was made because I thought it was such a waste to throw away the long cloth after one use, so I tried to rearrange it on the square again and went through the whole inverse printing process. I used a brayer and it produces a super interesting effect I feel, with the sudden lines and grids appearing! I did not expect that effect at all, but I really like it.

Mono-print, Made with a string and leaves (credits to Dhanu lol)

This one was made in a RUSH but I think it’s really cool!! I used the brayer again to roll the paper, with a string arranged and a leaf I borrowed from Dhanu. I think it sorta looks like those prehistoric fish fossils from far away!! Or maybe it’s just me being weird at 1 AM whoops. :’)

I didn’t really have the idea of emotion in mind while I was creating the mono prints on Monday. I was more preoccupied with just experimenting with the prints and everything and I hope that was okay. Which I think it was because I think certain prints do express certain emotions! I’ll explore the theme of emotions more thoroughly when I go down to do the mono printing in my free time with new items. It’s super fun yall haha. See yall next post!

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