Impossibilities of Being: Final Work

Hey there friendos!!! Here is my final work for our third 4D project. ‘Impossibilities of Being’ required us to create a minute-long video about our first encounter with a certain place, and the place that I chose was the Night Safari!! Because my time is a scarce resource I decided to do a video that was entirely drawn out (also after our first consult Lei wanted me to do that so!!) instead of trying out cinematography (don’t think that’s my thing but idk).

Here’s the final video:


The visual parts of the project were the most heavily emphasised in my work. It was the starting point of the entire video and there was not a lot of change from the Lo-Fi storyboard to the Hi-Fi storyboard (which was basically my video). Here’s my Lo-Fi storyboard:

Honestly I have nothing much to say other than the fact that it involved a LOT of drawing, probably around 10-13 hours of drawing. Idk actually that’s a rough estimate, but each key frame for the final video took maybe 30 minutes to an hour on average, and I have 69 frames in total. :’)

All frames for the project, The Night Safari.

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Poetics of Time: Research

Hey my dudes!!! This is a research post for our final 4D project for this semester, which will be an installation that is centered around time and its different forms. Sounds tough. Will also probably be damn tough. 🙁 And I’m so clueless hohoho!! Better take this research seriously whoop.


Time-based art is a cluster of units dealing with the complex multiplicity of artistic forms, which use the passage of and the manipulation of time as the essential element.

Time-based media on the other hand, is more of a limited spectrum. Contemporary timed-based media include video, film, slide, audio, or computer technologies, because they have duration as a dimension and unfold to the viewer over time.


Measured time Time quantitatively measured by regularly recurring events or intervals.

1. Linear time: Where there is a beginning and an end/a past, present and future. Time is always moving forward.

2. Circular time: A repeating process that create continuous and infinite outcomes.

Experienced time This is the perception of time passing that can be influenced by the viewer’s psychological disposition and attention.

Edited time

Time that has been cut up and rearranged.

1. Linear time: Events in order of past, present and future.

2. Non-linear time: No required order of events.

Biological time

Biological time is a measure of time related to bodily functions, such as when we feel awake, tired, or hungry.


1. Vito Acconci, Following Piece, 1969

Vito Acconci, Following Piece (1969). Image taken from
Subject Acconci himself, and random passerbys on the streets of NYC.
Form The nature of the artwork where he traces the steps of strangers, everyday, in real life is a form of measured time.
Context Took place everyday on the streets of New York, between October 3rd and 25th, 1969. It was part of other performance and conceptual events sponsored by the Architectural League of New York that occurred during those three week, and the terms of the exhibition “Street Works IV” was to use a street in New York City.
Content  Following Piece was concerned with the language of our bodies, not so much in a private manner, but in a unusually public manner. By selecting a passer-by at random until they entered a private space, Acconci submitted his own movements to the movements of others, showing how our bodies are themselves always subject to external forces that we may or may not be able to control. Acconci himself wrote that the piece was meant to make use of the time and space in New York City. The time intervals varied widely, from a few minutes to a few hours when the strangers went to restaurants or theatres.
Vito Acconci, Following Piece (1969). Image taken from
Vito Acconci, Following Piece (1969). Image taken from
Notes by Vito Acconci, Following Piece (1969). Image taken from

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Exercise: Clock Time

Hey world I’m back for a short exercise. Today in 4D class Lei talked about the different types of time in film, then asked us to make a 30 second film that expressed clock time, which is time that is quantitively measured, usually in defined units, like hours and minutes and seconds. I just decided to go with linear time as it seemed easier and I already had an idea in mind!!


And here’s the video:

Ok back to work!! Bye B-)

  • Niki

The Subverted Object

[[[ F O R K ]]]

Weird title but that was my object for this project! So basically Lei’s assignment was for us to received an object and take photos of the object displaying its physical attributes or practical uses. After that, we had to take the object and subvert its meaning by changing or celebrating or critiquing the object’s meaning, or showing it’s cultural significance. Finally, we had to pick a picture and include text that would anchor or relay the message of the photo. I think everyone was stumped when they got their object and yah that included me too. :’)

The first task was okay, but the second task was killer. Subverting a fork?? At first I kept thinking along the lines of Poseidon’s trident, the Devil’s pitchfork, a fork in the road, blablabla. I even thought about how Ariel used a fork to comb her hair in The Little Mermaid??

But my previous project about me suffered from a lack of a cohesive theme, and I really really wanted to avoid that dissatisfaction in this project.

My initial idea was to have the fork as a murder weapon throughout all three subverted images. The non-subverted images would be the ‘before the murder’ photos whereas the subverted images would be the aftermath of the crime, with a fork sticking out from their heads or backs or whatever. It sounded super ambitious tbh. And I had other clearer ideas that didn’t fit into the murder plan. And the first week I was just so swamped with work that I didn’t manage to take even a single test shot and I just became uber stressed ohmygad.

So the second lesson where we had consultations with Lei, she let us do this exercise thing where we would practice subverting our objects by drawing them in different scenarios which was super fun hehe! I would show my drawings but they’re back in hall and I’m at home. :’) Upload later! Anyway, when I proposed my murder idea to Lei, as well as the other ideas, she proposed that I could just do matching sets of pictures with a theme for each set, like ‘eating’ or ‘killing’. The idea was SOLID MAN so I went ahead and did it.

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Picture Story – Curating Self

Hi guys!!

This is my overall post for Foundation 4D’s first project: Picture Story – Curating Self. We were told that this one project required us to fulfill three tasks: the first, 3 photos that introduced yourself creatively, with at least one shot containing yourself. The second had us pick an object that was of significance to us and take a series of shots of it, and the last task was for us to select a location and also create a photo series about it. It was seriously challenging (not tryna be humble like legit it was so tough and time-consuming but also some parts of that are attributed to my own choices HAHAHA) but I managed to pull through like everyone and here’s my final wall!


Project 1: Picture Story – Curating Self by Niki Koh

Exercise 1: Scale and Framing

Good morning world! When I flew out of my room wearing sloppy shorts and slippers because it was raining I 100% did not expect to be doing a photo shoot the SAME VERY DAY HOW WONDERFUL. :^) But my face won’t be ruining my OSS anyway so it’s okay. Here’s my more photogenic classmate, En Cui instead.

En Cui sitting on some steps, Close-up view of her shoulder
En Cui sitting on some steps, Top view
En Cui sitting on some steps, Wide angle shot

I took a total of 18 shots and we had to filter out 3 photographs that we felt best-represented En Cui. But I also picked photos with various framing angles and scales. Fiddling with the DSLR was difficult but I hope I’ll be able to get the hang of it soon for 4D Project One.

  • Niki