Picture Story – Curating Self


The object I had chosen was my sketchbook. I realised I forgot to explain exactly why during the presentation, but it was because this sketchbook is really important to me. I’ve had it from maybe January/February 2017 (got it on a whim), and it turned out to be the sketchbook where I would explore other forms of art like landscape art and colour, and it feels so much like a progress log from the beginning of the year till now.

Photo 1

Project 1 Object: In the Dark


This first photo was actually the last photo taken in the series, and it was taken in desperation as I realised that none of my remaining shots of the object could complement the two I had already chosen WHOOPS.ย  Because I was just so desperate, I put my phone into a cup that was on my side table and kept taking timed photos on manual mode until it was okay, and removed/added clutter to make the photo more interesting. Here are some of the test shots:

Other than having not many options at that point, I felt that the angle helped to illustrate the feeling of someone looking into what I was doing, like a passive observer. I made it a mid-shot too, because I needed the audience to see what I was doing with my hands. The image is supposed to represent how my creativity comes out generally in the night time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo 2

This photo frankly had no intention behind it at all, and it was just supposed to be taken to fulfil the requirement of having full-body shots with the object itself. I don’t even have many test shots of it because it was a simple shot. But I felt that after I took the photo and looked at it it reminded me of how I wanted people not to look at my appearance to learn about who I was, but to look at what I did instead to find deeper meaning about who I was. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I felt this photo didn’t fit in with the overall look of the second series as the other photos had a fairly dark and saturated tone to them. ๐Ÿ™

Photo 3:

Project 1 Object: Ueno

I wanted to show a close-up of my process of drawing a picture I took in Ueno, Tokyo in May,ย ย and I had to play with many different angles and adjust the sketchbook (to hide the ugly Acer logo) and adjust the colouration of the photo on the laptop itself to enhance the colour of the shot (which was so tedious omg). I wanted the shot to show a view that normally only I would see in my creative process.

I ultimately settled on an angle that was straight ahead to better show the symmetry between the photo on the computer and my drawing!

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