Picture Story – Curating Self


The location I chose for the task was Pangsua Canal, a canal that’s connected to my house, which stretches from Sungei Kadut to Bukit Panjang. It was a place I’d walk along every time I felt sad or frustrated during the holidays in the middle of the afternoon where it would be super empty, with almost nobody around. The lack of people soothed me a lot and it just became a really significant place to me. 🙂 But to be honest it wasn’t the brightest idea walking from one end of the canal (I started from Bukit Panjang) to the other end, then walking back again because the whole canal is around 3.2km long, so essentially I walked around 6km that afternoon UGH. Plus the sky was overcast so I was super angry about that HAHAHA like…..of all the days seriously. Here are the final shots:

Project 1 My World: Eyes
Project 1 My World: Drain
Project 1 My World: Peak
Project 1 My World: Conflict
Project 1 My World: Bank

I tried to convey a sense of solitude and calm in the wide angle landscape shots and I also wanted to capture as much of the environment as possible at the same time. So there is a distinct lack of humans in the photos (except for the very small woman walking her dog), to give a feeling of loneliness in an area that you would expect there to be at least some people. 🙂 Also, it was clouds and the sky that really helped me to calm down during the walks I took, so I focused on the skies a lot. Here are some other test shots from that day that didn’t make the cut:

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