Bag Paper Model

Gym bag meet Shower Bag

Designed for the gym/sports/dance enthusiasts.

A shower bag which users can detach from the backpack to avoid having to bring your entire backpack and risking getting your entire backpack wet. Also, the detachable backpack is a convenient method of carrying user’s shower item instead of having to carry a separate bag.




Materials used: Paper, Zips

Attachment methods: Taping, Sewing, Gluing

Began by first dissecting the bag into different layers to figure out how to attach them together.

A difficulty I faced was that the size of the backpack is quite big, one sheet of paper will not be able to cover the entire backpack thus having to split it into two sections instead.

The next challenge was attaching the zippers. Especially for the shower bag, the curved layout was tedious to craft. Because of the odd shape, it did not stick well, therefore, I had to sew instead.

I also prepared various pockets within the bag based on the size of my own items; e.g. shampoo/soap bottles, toothbrush, clothes.

Final Product

A chic black gym bag with a detachable shower bag.



Micro Project 7: Video Selfie (Marina Abramovic)

Based on Marina Abramovic’s Rhythm 10 performance at a festival in Edinburgh in 1973.

She lays twenty different knives and two cassette recorders on a white paper on the floor.

For my Video Selfie, I wanted to recreate the same setup. For obvious reasons, I replaced the knives with a pencil, a marker, and a penknife. I chose this 3 replacements as it symbolizes traditional art which I detest. These instruments serve as a painful reminder to me that I can’t excel in traditional art.

To further reenact the performance, I sat on the floor, facing down, and dressed in dark colours. Portraying myself as a vulnerable being which I believe Marina intended for.

I proceeded to record the sound on my phone which is placed on my side. Similarly, with the Rhythm 10 performance, I stabbed the areas between my outstretched fingers of my left hand using the instruments.

After completing the cycle, I repeated the process but this time, trying to be in sync with the sound recorded from the first cycle.

As much as I wished to completely recreate this performance, due to certain limitations, I had to change certain ideas. To recreate the idea of blood, I splattered some dark paint on the paper and my left hand.

“the mistakes of the past and those of the present are synchronous”

In some way, I am facing the consequences of the past where I used to reject traditional art. Thus resulting in me suffering now as I learn to adapt and figure out traditional art.