An Object that I Found 3-Dimensionally Interesting

The object that I found interesting was a slingshot. I believe I got it during the SG50 celebrations together with some other traditional games.

What interest me was the shape of the slingshot. When divided by its principal axis, both sides are symmetrical. The dominant of the slingshot is the wooden areas, sub-dominant is the blue colours and subordinate is the red band.




Here is an image of the side profile of the slingshot.








Let’s divide the slingshot into 2 parts; the upper half and the lower half.

In the upper half of the slingshot, the negative void takes up half of the volume while in the lower half, the positive mass takes up the other half. Hence there is a cluster of similar volumes of a half-half ratio.

Some other details I found interesting was the additional details such as the grooves. Even though there may not be an ergonomic purpose to the grooves, I thought it served as a good aesthetic compared to just using paint all over the slingshot.








Also, the handle of the slingshot was designed to concave inwards, which was an ergonomic design allowing for a better grip as compared to a straight cut handle.

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  1. ThanX Fizah for sharing this unique 3D object & good attempt at 2D Sketch Analysis. Do try to align your drawings next time though, makes it easier to compare front & side views.

    Cannot imagine why a catapult would be part of SG50 package though ?!?

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