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Kelly Lim (kllylmrck)

Kelly uses knitting and crocheting yarn as a medium for her artworks. She describes her artworks as “kimo-kawaii” , translated from Japanese to be grotesque-cute. Thus, her artworks consist of many quirky figures.

Teo Yu Siang

Yu Siang is a product /UX designer. In his spare time, he creates artworks that touches the issue of the socio-political situation in Singapore. Other than that, he writes articles for thousands of designers all around the world.

Zen Teh

Teh describes herself as an Environmental Artist. She explores the relationship between human behaviour and nature in her art.  She makes use of her proficiency in photography and paintings to create her artworks with great detail towards composition and spatial construction.


Vasjen Katro

He is a graphic and UI/UX designer from Albania. In many of his designs in Baugasm, he uses a lot of bright colours, gradients and typography.

Ryu Mieno

His artworks features bold designs and typography. He often creates new fonts or characters in his designs, preferring to create something new rather than using existing fonts.

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