digital project // bury and grow to the fragment room

From the analogue project, here are some feedbacks that will be taken into consideration for the final digital project:

  1. the catharsis effect that I was hoping for in the form of burying the negativity wasn’t strong enough
  2. when transforming it digitally, have to take into account of “cloud storage”. how do you assure the audience that what you entered into the system is permanently deleted?

Through the feedback, I decided it is time to bury the tree and come up with a new idea.

The fragment room

Participants enter into this space where they encounter a laptop and a button on a stand.

On the laptop, instructions are given to type in your negative experience. Once you submitted your story, it gets projected onto the wall. After which, you are to press the button that has the word delete on it. With each press of the button, you will see your story getting disintegrated into fragments.

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However, these fragments transform into floral patterns that beautify the wall surrounding you.

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Thus the message this time around would be that by deleting the negative experiences from your life, would you then be able to see and focus on the positive.

By letting go of your negativity, will you then be able to grow beautifully.


  • When participants submit their negative experiences and it gets projected to the wall, would people feel uncomfortable as everyone else in the room would be able to see their words? – maybe an anonymous means of submitting your stories would be better?


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