Experimentation – Mark Making

I started my mark making journey in class by experimenting on several methods and materials that could be used.

In class experimentation:


  • Wires
  • Flowers
  • Cotton wool
  • Leafs

My first attempt was an epic failure but hopefully success comes with failure.

Using the flowers and leafs, I did not consider that the thickness of the object would affect the print. The flower I used was baby’s breath which was a little too thin so only the outline of the flower appeared on the print and small details inside the flower was not reflected.




Second attempt was slightly better. The wire I used was still slightly too thin so I made sure to go around every nook and cranny. This proved to have worked better as the outline of the wire was more clearly defined. I also used cotton wool to create clouds above the wire tree.




My third attempt was using aluminum foil to create texture. I crumpled a piece of aluminum and spread it out and placed it over the linoleum. After which, I placed the parchment paper over the linoleum.





Own Time Own Target Experimentation

I experimented with some of my ideas that I had in my mind to see whether it is executable or whether it looks presentable.

Resentment (Anger)

I used tape to create white crosses on the black painted paper.


The paint bled onto the tape thus creating a messy, jagged cross. I felt that the tape was too thick and would like to explore using a thinner replacement (strings? Paper?) instead.

Attraction (Love)

I found an interesting method on YouTube where the artist used bottle caps to create the shape of bubbles (circle) and using water to blend it in.






My first attempt I used too much paint, hence the “bubbles” are too dark. From there, I adjusted the amount of paint by transferring the excess paint on another piece of paper before I transfer it to actual paper.

Depressed (Sadness)

I wanted to reflect blood on the paper. Some ways I thought of reflecting blood are dripping, splattering and cuts.

Image result for blood dripping
Image from: https://www.videoblocks.com/video/blood-dripping-down-over-white-background-dkxaled/
Image result for blood spatter
Image from: https://www.forensicscolleges.com/blog/resources/7-things-about-blood-spatter-analysis








To create that drip effect, I sprayed the paper with some water. I proceeded to place some block paint on the top of the paper. However, the paint was not dripping. I decided to try using water based paint instead which successfully created the drip effect. I also sprayed more water on the block paint and it started to drip too.

Bliss (Joy)

To create waves and starry sky.


At first, I wanted to create a scraping effect to reflect waves. However, it just appeared like a big black blob of mess.



I replaced this with creating a wavy pattern and using water colour for blending. To create that starry sky, I used 2 brushes, 1 with paint and hit it against each other. However, I found that this method was too literal. I shall explore other methods to convey my emotion.


Anxiety (Fear)

I wanted to create a cloudy effect and decided to experiment on using bubbles. After watching a YouTube video, I experimented on a method using cups, black ink, water and soap. Using a straw, I mixed the contents of the cup and blew into the cup to create bubbles.







I learned not to place the paper too close to the cups to prevent the shape of the cup from transferring to the paper. It was also a building up process, so I had to do it a number of times to build up the shape. What I think I can improve on is the colour intensity (use block paint instead of water based paint?)


Create a gradient effect using brushes and black/white paint.


I started with black and gradually adding white to make it lighter which resulted in the colours to be too dark to reflect the 0 to 100 feeling. For the final artwork, I will be using white paint and gradually adding black paint.


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