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General Rules
  • Similar to Snake and Ladder, Virtual Players will roll the dice to determine which Court they land on
  • Each Court is designated a location in Haw Par Villa
  • Real Players will move to the location of the Court that the Virtual Player lands on
  • The fastest team to reach the 10th Court of Hell wins
  • Throughout the entire game, both players will be communicating with each other through Instagram Live, that is available for non-players to watch
  • In each Court, both players will have to participate in a game
  • If they win the game, the Virtual Player can immediately roll the dice
  • However, if they lose, they must face the consequence by waiting for 5 minutes before they can continue

Team A

Team B

Virtual Player 

(situated in ADM)

Jiang Nan


Real Player

(situated in Haw Par Villa)




DIWO/Third Space/glitch
DIWO Players act as co-creators by shaping the outcome of the game. We, the facilitators, only offered the framework of the game using the 10 stations. We had no control over which stations the players go to or how fast/slow they get to the end.

Players contribute to the “artwork” by rolling the dice to determine which station they go to and how they play at each station.

Third Space We played with the idea of game pawns/avatars from traditional board games. Where the Virtual Players act as the force that moves the game pawns and the Real Players are the game pawns/avatar moving on the board game.

To create a third space that connects the Virtual Players and Real Players, we made use of Instagram Live. Both players will go on live broadcast together in the same “channel”. They had to play with each other through the live broadcast.  Thus, the third space being Instagram Live.

Glitch We allowed glitch to happen of its own accord, knowing that we would face some sort of glitch while playing the game. “Embracing the glitch”

And it did.

Some glitches we faced are:

–          Broadcasting glitches where we lost connection with each other during the game causing some delays

–          Camera battery running out, causing delays to the game as batteries needed to be changed

–          Glitch in instructions where we understood the game differently.


Site Visit

When we first decided to create a game at Haw Par Villa, we thought that going to the actual site itself will help us in creating the stations, understanding the Ten Courts of Hell, and finding the locations for the stations.

Thus, we went to Haw Par Villa to recce the site.

During the recce, we began by visiting the Ten Courts of Hell where we observed the statues and the inscriptions for each court.

After which, we ventured around the rest of the theme park to find locations that may suit the theme of each court.

After 4 hours of looking around (well we had our own fun too), we decided on our 10 locations and started brainstorming the games we could play in each station.

Test Run

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have a full rehearsal before the actual execution due to lack of time. Instead, we decided to do some test run of the games to ensure that the games were feasible and executable. We also enlisted the help of Brendan and Nik (he just wanted to play Twister) to test out our games. We figured getting somebody else to play our game would also give us an opportunity to see whether people can understand our instructions.

This proved to have been a good move as some games had to be tweaked because we either realized it was too easy or too difficult.

For example:

  1. Balance the Ping Pong Ball – Initially, the timing allocated was 1 minute, but we realized that that was a long time and we could easily complete it well below 1 minute. Thus, we changed it to 10 secs and 30 secs instead,
  2. Scissors, Paper, Stone – The initial idea was to have both Virtual and Real Player playing at the same time with their respective facilitator. However, their win or lose determines whether their partner gets to move up or down. E.g. if Virtual Player wins a game against the Virtual Facilitator, the Real Player has to move up the stairs. However, when testing out the game, it was taking extremely long and it got very confusing. Thus, we decided to simplify the game, with only one player playing the game of Scissors, Paper, Stone instead of both.


While we were testing out the games, we realized that we were having problems trying to explain the instructions and that our understanding of the game is different from person to person.

Thus, we created the Facilitator’s Guide Handbook (click here to view the document), where all the instructions for both facilitators in ADM and at Haw Par Villa are listed out. The Handbook also serves as a way for us to keep our instructions consistent with each other so that players receive the same set of instructions. Keeping the game as fair as possible.

Packing List

This was mainly a problem for the Haw Par Villa facilitators (Clara and I). Because we are at Haw Par Villa, we had to ensure that we brought everything along and nothing is left behind in ADM. It would be a complete disaster if we had forgotten to bring the game materials such as ping pong balls, five stones. Furthermore, Clara and I will be separated throughout the game, therefore, we had to have two sets of everything.

So, we set up a packing list that lists out everything we need to bring along.

Items IC
25 paper turtles
2 small plastic bags each (1 red 1 white)
1 sets of tape each Clara
1 empty water bottle each
1 set of color paper for twister each Clara
1 spoon each Everyone
1 set of ping pong balls each Fizah, Clara
1 set of scrolls with numbers each
1 set of wet wipes each
1 set of boxes with gross things inside each
1 set of marbles each Fizah
1 plastic bag each
1 set of 5 stones each
1 tea bag each Minjee
3 paper cups each
Hot water bottle each

Date: Friday, 13th April 2018

Time: 3pm

D-Day had arrived.

The nervousness in the air was palpable.

Personally, many thoughts went through my head; What if Clara and I forgot something? What if we can’t get a signal connection? What if it rains? What if security kicks us out? WHAT IF SOMEONE GETS INJURED?

I was vividly freaking out in the morning.

Before execution, we went through the Facilitator Guide Handbook together to ensure that everyone was on the same page.


It was time.

The moment we got into the car, an ominous sign appeared. It started to rain.

Amazingly, it stopped raining the moment we reached Haw Par Villa. However, the floor got slippery, so we had to be extra careful.

After about 1 and a half hour, the game ended.

Here are some highlights of the game:

  1. The 1st Court of Hell involves the team battle which resulted in Team B (Cecilia and Esther) winning. Thus, Team B moved to 3rd Court of Hell, while Team A moved to the 2nd Court of Hell.
  2. Even though Team B had an advantage, Team A was in the lead – they were at 4th Court of Hell when Team B was still at the 3rd Court of Hell.
  3. At the 8th Court of Hell – Body Dismemberment, the two teams finally meet each other with Team A arriving first. Unfortunately, Team A lost the game and had to wait 5 minutes, giving time for Team B to catch up. Team B manages to complete the game before Team A’s 5 minutes was over. Team A rolled a 1, hence they still had to go through the 9th Court of Hell. So, Team B rolled the dice, hoping to land a 2. But, they rolled a 1. (Mind you, both teams had been rolling a 2 throughout the entire game)
  4. Thus, begin the race to reach the 9th Court of Hell as both teams dashed to the location.
  5. Team A arrived first, hence, they get to play first. Jiangnan (Virtual Player), however, didn’t manage to find any paper stones, leading to Vanessa (Real Player) having to complete 5 rounds of paper stone. Unexpectedly, we found out that both Esther and Vanessa, the Real Players, are not familiar with 5 stones. Some time had to be taken to explain the game to them. Eventually, Team A managed to get it within one try and they proceeded to the 10th Court of Hell.
  6. Admitting defeat, Team B’s Esther and I took our time to reach the final location. However, the moment we reached there, Team A was nowhere in sight. The game ended interestingly with a “glitch”, not being able to determine who the winning team was.
  7. Unexpectedly, we realized that we managed to cover all 10 Courts of Hell.
1 Ideas The first challenge we faced as a team was coming up with a solid plan that incorporates DIWO, Third Space and Glitch. When brainstorming, a lot of our ideas wasn’t fully able to integrate this factors well enough. For example, in one of our first few plans, Third Space was integrated last, to which we realized that the “performance” can exist without having Third Space. Thus, we had to change our idea in a way that all 3 factors must exist in order for the game to run.


Also, the first few ideas we had were overly complicated to the point that we had difficulties explaining our idea. We had to spend 4 hours on Skype discussing whether to change our idea totally or change certain aspects.

2 Finding a Location After coming up with several ideas, we hit another roadblock. We had an issue with finding the right location. The first idea we had required us to set up an area for a period of 1 – 2 hours. This was an issue because we would require a permit or a license to set up such a space. Hence, we had to come up with an idea that would not require a permit or license.
3 Finding Players It was a busy period for everyone in ADM so it was a challenge trying to persuade people to help us with our game. Furthermore, we required extra hands to help us with filming. There was a lot of reshuffling of players and film crew before we got our final team.
4 Preparation A lot of time was spent preparing for the game. As mentioned previously, we had to do test runs, prepare guidebooks, and prepare the games.


Packing was another big issue. With Clara and I having to each carry a set of game items, we had to ensure that we had two sets of everything. Initially, we planned to begin the game at 3pm. However, at 3pm we were still packing our stuff in ADM. Causing a huge delay, and resulting in the games only starting at about 3.45pm


Overall, the game went better than what we expected. Honestly, I was mentally preparing for the worse. With the actual day being Friday the 13th, I was expecting something to go horribly.

As they say, “Prepare for the worst but hope for the best”.

I personally think that we planned the game with Murphy’s Law in our head. I felt that that really helped us to ensure that we were detailed and thorough when planning our games.

Nonetheless, there is always room for improvement. After reviewing the Instagram Live, we see a few comments from people asking “what is going on?”. It was then that I realized that from the point of view of someone who just logged in into the Instagram Live halfway through the game, would not have known what was going on. Furthermore, there wasn’t an incentive for people to continue watching the entire game. Thus, I thought an area that could be improved on is the engagement with the audience.

If I had another chance to redo the game, I wished that I, as a facilitator, had been more neutral and remained impartial. Because throughout the game, I became so attached to the team, that I felt like I was almost playing with them. I think that hindered my duty as a facilitator.

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