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Evil Villains
A scene from the job (dark colours)
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Being an avid fan of villains in movies and books, I decided to use it as the theme. Some of my favourite villains are Voldemort (Harry Potter), Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter), Cruella de Ville (101 Dalmations), Scar (Lion King), Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean).


I began my research into the jobs that are associated with villains and from that research I decided on my 4 evil villain jobs.


The Hacker: The unnoticed villain. Often known as an evil sidekick. As the name suggests, their primary job is hacking into computer servers to collect information or to unleash computer viruses into systems.


The Assassin: The Main Villain don’t like to get their hands dirty, so they rely on the Assassin when it comes to assassinating their targets. Primary weapons used for assassination includes gun and knife.


The Mafia: Often working in a group, the Mafias are a crime syndicate managing and controlling the crimes in a certain area. They are usually involved in gambling, drugs, loan sharking, and the black market.


The Mad Scientist: The creator of evil gadgets, chemicals and weapons. The Brainiac of the evil community. Without them, the Main Villain will be nothing. Setting themselves apart from a normal scientist is that the purpose of their creations is used for evil instead of the greater good.


Unfortunately, these jobs are not possible future career options (for obvious reasons), I’ll stash them away in my list of impossible things to do. Nonetheless, it is fun to imagine what it is like to be working in this jobs.


Art Style:
With a villain theme, it only fits to use dark colours in my compositions to display a sinister image. Thus, for the colour scheme, I made use of different shades of purple, teal and black.


The compositions were crafted from a first-person perspective thus allowing the viewers to look into the composition from the perspective of the villain characters.

The letterforms used are meant to blend in with the surroundings as much as possible. To achieve this, I used objects associated with the occupation and made use of the characteristics of this objects to form a letterform. This will be further explained below.


I also intended to include a repetitive motif of the letters F and Z that is consistent throughout the four compositions. These letters are what I feel defines my name.


I connected the four compositions together by creating a narrative.


The Mafia has been gambling with an enemy. In this gambling game, if you lose, you get shot. Unfortunately, the Mafia lost but was spared with the condition that she becomes a slave to the enemy. The Mafia, unhappy, enlisted the help of his fellow Assassin to kill the enemy.


However, to achieve this mission, there are other tasks that needs to be completed.


In order to kill the enemy at the right moment, the Hacker has to hack into the system to shut down the building. To shut down the building, the Hacker requires data about the building, thus enlisting the help of the Mad Scientist who has captured an employee of the apartment building to extract data. In return for the favour, the mafia, dwelling in the black market, attained toxic waste for the Mad Scientist.


Final Artworks

1.0 Mafia

1.1 Process of mafia


2.0 Mad Scientist




2.1 Process of MAD SCIENTIST


3.0 Hacker


3.1 Process of Hacker


4.0 Assassin

4.1 Process of Assassin



Personally, I felt that I was being overly ambitious for this project in terms of creating details. In my usual artworks, my details were minimal, hence I decided to challenge myself for this project. However, I felt that because I was so focused on creating details that I forgot the primary essence of this project which was the letterforms. I believe that I could have done better if I wasn’t so hung up on creating details.

A comment from Joy was about my letterforms where there was no significance to my letterforms. For example, for my mafia piece, the letter ‘F’ on the table doesn’t need to be an F, it could be any letter. Hence, I should have looked into the significance of the letters and why I chose to represent it in a specific way.

Lastly, because I was going for the dark concept, when it came to printing, it definitely came out a lot darker than I wanted it to be. So note to self: If you want to create dark artworks, make sure to brighten your artworks first. Also, printing on matte paper could make it appear brighter as compared to glossy paper. (Just a theory than I noticed)

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