In the Subconscious // flashmob

(Collaboration between Fizah and Tanya)

In the Subconscious is a mini flashmob, consisting of five performers, orchestrating a symphony of trivial questions through text to voice translation on their phones or laptops.

  1. Walk into ADM lounge and spread out.
  2. Once seated, first participant can begin the flashmob by playing the first audio.
  3. During Wave 1, participants are to wait 3 seconds after the previous audio to play their audio.
  4. During Wave 2, the waiting time drops to 1 second.
  5. During Wave 3, participants can play their audios at random sequence and timing.
  6. Wait for the cue from the first participant to get up and leave the performance area.

Inspired by the recent ads from Apple: “Some things shouldn’t be shared. That’s why iPhone is designed to help give you control over your information and protect your privacy.” – Apple

In The Subconscious focuses on vocalising the collective subconscious minds of people; creating a space where these subconscious thoughts seemingly become public, easily accessible to everyone.

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Norafizah Normin

Leap of Faith

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