Research // Wearable Tech (work in progress)

Chromat’s Adrenaline Dress

Designed by: Intel and Becca McCharen

Reacts to “wearer’s stress levels and adrenal function, and change its shape accordingly.”

“The Curie Module sensors allow the dress to respond to both internal and external stressors by growing and shrinking based on the wearer’s biometric response. The dress itself is made of a memory alloy that can restore itself to its original shape after stretching or shrinking.”

Bubelle Emotion Sensing Dress

Exploring the future of “sensitive” garments versus “intelligent”.

“It uses biometric sensing technology that senses your emotions on its inner layer and projects them onto the outer layer. The result is a beautiful dress that illuminates light patterns within its textiles and reacts differently to every individual.”

Video Projection Dress

Expandable Kids Clothes

Creating a dress that “grows” as a children grow up as well.

Zendaya’s Met Gala Dress

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