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Disclaimer: The following showcases the process towards my final artwork, that shows my thought process, all the ideas I thought of which includes rejected ideas, research. So it can get pretty messy. Think of it as my visual journal πŸ™‚

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To create a story of my journey to Mount Faber?

Highlighting the progression of the sight I see as I make my way up?

Showing the changes in scenery as I move up

Background of abstract forms, juxtaposed with an image in the center and a short caption?

Abstract form – showcasing emotions from the 5 senses?

Using an element from the location and interpreting its form with the emotion I feel

Mini booklet inside with a photo book? OR just a picture of the actual scene?

The 2 sides of the book is a continuation but with a different emotion, for example:

Pg 1 and 8

Pg 1 – A confused signage (Directions pointing nowhere)

Pg 8 – A clearer signage (directions pointing to emotions)

Pg 2 and 7

Pg 2 – A climb stairs motif (difficult steps, sharp edges) – black background, white steps

Pg 7 – Downward slope (smooth hill) – white background, black steps

Pg 3 and 6

Pg 3 – Nature juxtapose with infrastructure – a patterned background

Pg 6 – peace and serenity juxtapose with noisy Chinese tourists

Pg 4 and 5

A full length view of the scene from Faber Point recreated in a colour that celebrates the emotions I felt – bottom half shows the scenery, top half shows patterns?

Since I’m dealing with the idea of views, I was thinking about focusing primarily on the sense: sight by creating a progression of the sights I see through my journey at Mount Faber and correlate it to the emotions I felt.

Journey through Mount Faber
  • Arrival at Mount Faber – anticipation of what is to come (cover page) – a complicated signage that doesn’t make sense (half of the signpost)
  • The climb up to Mount Faber – worrisome, tiring juxtapose with peaceful, calm, serene (second page) – stairs motif
  • Faber Peak – The modernity of the building juxtaposed with nature surrounding it (3rd page)
  • Faber Point – the amazing view of the HDB estates and the harbour – recreating the scenery in a colour that celebrates the emotions (centre page 4th & 5th page)
  • Faber Point – the crowd – mainly Chinese tourists, crowded, sort of ruins the peaceful atmosphere (6th page)
  • Climb down Mount Faber – downward slope, calm, peaceful – another stairs motif (7th page)
  • Leaving Mount Faber – a clearer image of what Mount Faber has to offer – other half of the signpost (8th page)

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