[Insert name here] // sketches by bryan and fizah

Interstice between people

[Insert name here] is an interactive and multi-sensory wearable artwork that discusses the interstices between different types of intimacies within different relationships and individuals.

The physical interstices found in our bodies are usually our most intimate ones. A very obvious and commonly interacted interstice is the spaces between our fingers, where we use to interlock our hands with our parents and partners. As such, we like to explore this portion of the human body to look into the interstices between individuals, where relationships are exposed and intimacy is challenged.

The artwork exists as two wearable pieces that can be worn by two individuals of different relationships (i.e. a couple, or two complete strangers). The wearable pieces come as a pair of wings and a pair of gloves. Individuals become the performer and the artwork once the artwork is worn, and they are encouraged to interact with each other. Specifically, the performers are encouraged to engage in physical intimacy to control how the artwork appears.

Heartbeat detectors on their wrist will measure their pulses, which generates a certain visual and soundscape based on the pulse.

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