Project: Multimodal // Ideation and Concepts

Thinking about you.

A device that sends a signal to their loved ones to tell them that they are thinking of them.

For the final product, I imagine it to be connected to an app, so someone can select from a list of messages they would like to send, and this message will be translated and sent to their loved ones through vibrations that they can feel. For example:

____ Thinking about you

__.__ Missing you

.__. Love you

Because it is to do with love, I thought it would be good for it to be close to the heart. Hence, the wearable should cover the chest area which is in line with where the body feels love the most, according to the diagram below.

Due to time constraint, I won’t be able to produce an actual app with that technology but instead, I intend to create the visuals of the app on Processing and participants can select the message they would like to send through that visuals.



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