A Phone Dock – A Chair For Your Phone

Phone Dock which is retractable (that allows for adjusting the height to your preference).

Sketch 1

In my first sketch, the form that I came up with resembled a chair. Hence, I decided to create a chair for your Phone.

After consultation, I was informed to add more curvature to my form. I agreed with this comment as the form did appear very cuboid.

Sketch 2

With the feedback, I added more curves to my form.

During class, I began experimenting with creating this form using foam. I decided to break it up into different parts, and combining them together.

Final Sketch

After experimenting with the foam, I figured that I could push it even further and go with more curvature to resemble a chair.


Final Model

Up Close of Base

Up Close of Seat

360 Degree View of Model