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Why The Heart of Future Design?

Heart = “a hub where the best design talents and businesses from Singapore and Asia converge to be showcased to the world;”

Future Design = “needed innovation and solutions to build businesses, engage communities and enrich people’s lives”

I derived my slogan primarily from these two sentences. Singapore Design Week (SDW) hopes to make Singapore the hub or centre of design. Thus, the heart of design. SDW aims to engage designers to create innovative solutions for the future. Thus, future design.

Why this design?

In the initial phase of my design process, I came up with two designs for different slogans. To know more about these designs, have a look at my design process post here: design process.

I incorporated the elements that I liked from each composition.

Left: The gradient pipes

Right: The heart in the centre

The pipes coming from different directions, creates a form of a heart in the centre of the composition. This represents the different stakeholders of the design industry converging to the hub. Furthermore, the colours of the pipes, red-blue gradient, were chosen to resemble the human veins.

The addition of a gradient heart fill on top of the outline, allows for the heart to stand out more. The slogan is placed inside the heart with an arching effect to create a 3D effect to the heart.


Looking back at my poster, I think there are some adjustments that could have been made.

I think I was focused on the motifs of the composition, that I may not have paid enough attention to the text. Thus, some of the text may have been left untreated.

I think segregating the “Singapore Design Week 2019, 04 – 17 Mar” from the slogan created a disparity between the text and slogan. What I would have improved on was to seamlessly integrate the text together with the slogan to form one collective entity.

That is all for this project! To see the process of how I came to the final composition, click here design process | brainmap + moodboard | research | interesting poster.

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