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Here you’ll find the process for the final outcome of the LED project – NameTag.

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  1. Sketching and identifying materials needed
  2. Research into sensors and outputs
  3. Purchase materials
  4. Code and circuitry for servo motor and joystick
  5. Code and circuitry for RFID and LED Strip
  6. Crafting the shape and overall look of the artwork
Sketching and Research

To view the sketches, please click here: sketches.

Through the sketches, I identified the different materials that are required:

  • RFID Sensors
  • Joystick
  • LED Strip
  • Servo Motor
  • Keycards

Afterwhich, I researched into working with these materials.

Servo Motors and Joysticks





Code and circuitry for servo motor and joystick

Since I only needed to use the x-axis of the joystick, I eliminated the y-axis and also adjusted the code to ensure that it only moves when the joystick is pushed to either left or right.

Code and circuitry for RFID and LED Strip

The difficult but fun part of coding this was making the LED strip coloured differently based on each card. Using PaletteKnife, I made use of the presets created by artists.

I didn’t want the colours to be static, thus I adjusted the code to include movement in the LED light which wasn’t working at first. However, I realised that the delay of the RFID was affecting the LED lights, thus adjustments were made there.



Unfortunately, I’m pretty weak at crafting, hence I spent a lot of time struggling to form the shape and aesthetic of the artwork. Furthermore, I wanted to make sure that all the wires were compact together and hidden. This is to also ensure that the wires don’t get tangled while turning.

In all honesty, I was pretty disappointed by the final look of the sculpture. Nonetheless, I have learned the importance of proper planning of the structure of your artwork before execution. In future, I hope to create more clean crafts by planning properly and making use of proper measurements. Would definitely try using 3D printing or laser cutting.

I hope that as we progress to the next few projects, I’ll be able to improve on my craftsmanship and create more high-quality finishes.

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