the mind reader // concept

From the previous class discussion, what I gathered so far is that people are interested in the idea of guessing a person’s emotions or feelings.

That got me thinking of a different type of mind reading. For my previous research, it was heavily centered on psychological “mind-reading”, so I thought this time I would research more on “spiritual” mind-reading.

Methods of “spiritual” mind-reading:

  1. Crystal Ball/Cystallomancy
  2. Chiromastry/Palmistry/Palm reading
  3. Oracles
  4. Tarot/Card reading
  5. Astrology/Reading the stars
  6. Tasseography/Tea leaves reading
  7. Clairvoyance
  8. Cold reading

To be completely honest, I don’t really believe a crystal ball, some cards, or the wrinkles on your hand can read your future. But, no doubt it is fun to listen to sometimes (and the illustrations on the tarot cards are nice to look at).


What if the environment is the one reading your mind? Using biosensors such as heart rate sensor and body temperature, the environment will try and read your emotions and display its guess through atmospheric visuals and sounds.

Imagine a dark room with a shimmering crystal ball in the centre.

What do I do?


The big issue is that I have to conduct research with people to understand the correlation between people’s heart rate/body temperature with emotions. There are existing studies into these, and I figured that I should conduct my own research to back up those findings.

The next big question is whether I want to have scenarios in the room that will read and analyse their response.

My concern is whether by entering into a space, will the environment of the space or the atmosphere of a space have an effect on the emotions of the participants? Meaning, if I build my space to a certain vibe, then naturally people would come in with the same emotions that I have “created” from the space. Thus, defeating the purpose of my project of reading people’s emotion.


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