thinking about you. // simple sound and haptic device

An app that sends a signal to your loved ones through
a wearable device to transmit a love message.



For the final product, I imagine the wearable device to be remotely connected to an app, so another party can select from a list of messages they would like to send, and this message will be sent to their loved ones (wearing the device) through vibrations.

Due to the limited time (also lack of knowledge about creating an app), for the prototype, I replicated the interface of the app on Processing instead.

The idea is to create another love language in the form of vibrations. Each love message is translated into a unique vibration.

app interface


wearable device

Because the idea has to do with love, I thought it would be good to send the message to our heart. Thus, the vibration module is strategically located on the left side of the upper chest.







With my new knowledge of laser cutting, I thought why not laser cut some patterns onto my design. Furthermore, I wanted to add some texture and aesthetics to my design. (I chose this pattern cause it has geometric heart shapes in it)

Work Flow
  1. Sketching out – click here to see the sketches
  2. Buying sensors and materials
  3. Research on vibration motor module
  4. Creating different vibrations for different messages
  5. Connecting the Arduino to Processing
  6. Creating the app visuals
  7. Laser cutting the felt
  8. Sewing
  9. Installing the hardware onto the wearable
  10. Refining code

By far, one of my favourite projects. It was super fun learning how to sew and laser cut. Of course, I still have a lot to learn, but this is a great start.

I felt that my craftsmanship for this project did improve compared to the last project. However, there is still room for improvement. The cutting of the felt wasn’t as clean as I wanted it to be. Sewing not that perfect either. Also, I didn’t think through the clasping at the base of the vest properly, hence it looks a little awkward at the bottom.

Thankfully, the coding side of this project was rather simple, since the vibration motor module works just like a bulb with only 2 states, high and low. The only issue I encountered was figuring out how to make the vibration stop after a couple of rounds which I eventually fixed by creating another mode comprising of just the low state.

All in all, it was an enjoyable project!

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